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Keep fighting for the future.

shooting star project

1 December 1985
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"One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life; that word is love."

Raine is a 24-year-old sagittarius who is clingy, needy, jealous and is currently and forever taken. She is shy but always speaks her mind even if others do not like it. She is obsessed with Doctor Who, Merlin, Garth Nix, Naruto, Bleach, DGM, rubber ducks, vdex project, her niece, her boyfriend and playing World of Warcraft. She dislikes spiders, working, having no hot water, baby spit-up, being clumsy, not having more hours in the day, sundays, wedesdays, and people who use numbers in their online aliases. She has made it her goal to read every book Garth Nix has every wrote and would love to meet him one day as well as someday go to Comic-Con one year and jump Nathan Fillion. You are now very jealous of her; but she loves you all.

➤➤Kanda Yuu is my pimp
SAIYUKI blogcrew Sanzo

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